Buenos Aires - El Calafate 4 Days 3 Nights,
Starting at US$999

DAY 01 Buenos Aires - Argentina

Reception at the airport and transfer to Hotel.

Lodge at Hotel.

DAY 02 Buenos Aires - El Calafate

Transfer to Airport .
Flight: Buenos Aires - El Calafate.
Reception and transfer to Hotel.

Activity: ” Excursión to Moreno Glacier”- Perito Moreno glacier( included)

It is a colorful place, located at the foot of the hill that has the same name and between the borders of the Argentino Lake, 185 m.over the sea level. On the way to the Glacier "El Calafate" is located 315 km away from Rнo Gallegos, Capital City of the Province of Santa Cruz and 2750 km away from Buenos Aires. El Calafate, was founded by National Decree on December 7th, 1927, with an actual population of approximately 4000 inhabitants, emphasizing the shared in common and communicative sense of its people, signs of vital importance for the traveller. Its climate is dry.In summer, the average temperature is 18,6°C in winter, the average temperature is - 1,8°. The daylight hours vary according to the season of the year, in summer the longest day is December 21st with the sun showing up at 05:30 am and the sunset is approx at 11 pm. In winter the shortest day is June 21st, with 8 hours daylight (09:30 am to 05:30 pm).

Optional Activity: Breaking of the Glacier P. Moreno

The National Park and Natural Reserve "Los Glaciares", declared by UNESCO Site of World-wide Patrimony (natural), are constituted by the lakes Viedma, Argentino and his environs, and that part of the ice field includes the glaciers Moreno, Onelli, Agassiz and Upsala with a front of 5 km descend. The most amazing glacier is the Perito Moreno that descends to the Argentino Lake.

DAY 03 El Calafate


Lodge at hotel.

Optional Activity: ”Sailing to Upsala, Onelli and Spegazzinni Glaciers” Return to El Calafate.

 The Upsala Glacier is the largest glacier within the continental patagonic ice, even though it has suffered severe losses during the last years. It owes its name to the swedish city of Upsala, which university promoted the first glacialogical studies in the area. The height of its walls ranges from 197 to 262 ft (60-80 m) and its surface is of 232 sqm (595 km2), it is 37 miles (60 km) long, and 3-4 miles (5-7 km) wide. The total basin surface of this glacier is of 390 sqm (1000 km2). The dept of the lake at the front of the glacier is of about 3280 ft (1000 m).

Spegazzini Glacier was named after the botanist Carlos Spegazzini who made the first studies of the local flora. This glacier has a surface of 26 sqm (66 km2) and it's 15.5 miles (25 km) long, and 1 mile (1.5 km) wide. The height of its front (262-443 ft/80-135 m) is an outstanding characteristic. It's the highest glacier within the National Park. ALong the left margin of the glacier we find very little vegetation due to a fire occurred over 60 years ago.

Landing in Onelli Bay we find ourselves surrounded by forest. A typical patagonic forest where lenga and guindo are found all over covered by "old man's beard" usnea (liquen). Crossing the forest, through approx. 872 yds (800 m), we reach Onelli Lagoon, where glaciers Onelli (45 km2/18 sqm), Bolado (16 km2/6 sqm) y Agassiz (31 km2/12 sqm) meet. Given the plenty detachments of icebergs from these glaciers, we usually find the lagoon full of them.

DAY 04 Calafate - Buenos Aires

Transfer to Airport.
Flight: Calafate - Buenos Aires.

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Buenos Aires - El Calafate 4 Days 3 Nights
It is a colorful place, located at the foot of the hill that has the same name and between the borders of the Argentino Lake, 185 m.over the sea level...
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Activity at night: “Dinner and Tango Show at Boca Tango & Dinner”
Get ready to enjoy a unique and traditional evening with an exquisite traditional dinner before witnessing the most original show in Buenos Aires. The artistic sample consists of two acts: a comic sketch or sainete that tells the humorous and dramatic tales of immigrant life in the 30's.  This is followed by a classic Tango Show that will amuse your senses with the sound of its concertina (bandoneon), the romanticism of its lyrics and the passion of its dancers.
- Return to hotel (D)
Activity: “Full day city tour” (with lunch)
Discover the beauty and wonders of Buenos Aires; view the National Congress, The Metropolitan Cathedral next to the Government House in may square area. Admire the Colon Theater, one of the most important opera houses in Latin America. Visit San Telmo, traditional neighborhood where Tango performances can be seen in many bars and restaurants. Stop at La Boca colorful neighborhood, which was, seat of immigrants - manly Italians - and now home of some artists.
- Return to hotel (D-L)
Activity: “Exc. to Tigre & San Isidro”
A pleasant journey along the River Plate's coast and through beautiful residential areas in Buenos Aires: private neighborhoods, sailing clubs, marinas and slips. The enchantment of the renewed old English train stations allows visitors to enjoy one of the most modern trains in the country and a great variety of entertainments. San Isidro, the biggest train station, is the only outdoor mall in Argentina. This commercial area has movie theaters, restaurants of different style and menus, and many shop. The ride ends in Delta station where the greatest amusement park in South America, "Parque de la Costa", invites you to enjoy the attractions and shows.
- Return to Hotel (D-L)
Activity: Exc. Full day Montevideo (Uruguay - one day tour, includes lunch)”
Montevideo remains perhaps the most European-style city in South America. It is the capital and cultural center of one of the smallest countries on the continent, Uruguay. Located on the banks of the Silver River, Montevideo is only a short distance from Buenos Aires. Travel by hydrofoil in less than three hours. Come and explore the heart of this intriguing country and be back at your hotel in Buenos Aires that same night! Montevideo is a beautiful city which offers plenty to keep you busy, vibrant nightlife, wonderful shopping and excellent restaurants.
- Return to hotel in Buenos Aires.
Activity: “Minitrekking over Moreno Glacier or Regular visit to Moreno Glacier” (You should choose one option)
The tour begins at the Bay Harbour "Bajo de las Sombras", sited 22 km from The Glaciers National Park entrance and 8 km from the Glacier. There you go on board in order to reach the opposite coast of Peninsula de Magallanes, crossing the Rico Branch of Argentine Lake. The sailing time is about twenty minutes. Specialized guides take the group (approximately 20 people) along a coast path that leads to the southern margin of the glacier after a 30 minutes trip...
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