Kusikuy Children's Fund

Kusikuy Childre's Fund - Best Peru ToursDear Friends of South America Explorers Under the sponsorship of
South America Change Inc we have created Kusikuy Children's Fund, dedicated to emergency response to children and mothers in need.

Our first activities were in the province of Puno, during the months of June and July. Thanks to your support and donations we have gathered US$3000 that were completely dedicated to this humanitarian activity (US$500 proceeding from direct donations and company donation matching, and the remaining US$2500 as a direct donation from Best Peru Tours).

Main Activities:

Purchase of Warm-Up Suits and Blankets

Kusikuy Childre's Fund - Best Peru ToursFor the purchase of warm-up suits, the project got in touch with the family mothers in the self-managed workshop self-named "Angeles de Arena" ("Sand Angels" in English) a family mothers' workshop located in one of the urban marginal areas of Lima, organized by micro entrepreneurial women, to whom the quality standards were detailed and they made 146 warm-up suits for children in 5 different sizes according to the cost and quality requirements.

For the purchase of blankets, the project got in touch with a group of volunteers in Puno, who made a wholesale purchase of cloth and made the blankets, according to the required cost and quality standards.

Outcome: 146 warm-up suits for children and 300 blankets of polar material manufactured

Delivery of Warm-Up Suits and Blankets

Delivery in the city of Puno

Two deliveries have been made, one was in the city of Puno, where thanks to the local organizations and the support of the Association Maranatha, a selection was made in different areas[1] for a group of children and elderly people.

Kusikuy Childre's Fund - Best Peru ToursIn this location 137 warm-up suits and 99 polar blankets were delivered, as can be seen in the delivery documents (and pictures of the happy faces!). In addition, hot meals were delivered, and the Association Maranatha covered the logistic expenses for the delivery of the items, as well as the paper work with the authorities for the organization of a public delivery.

This has been a great privilege and a great opportunity for us to contribute to our communities and to also canalize your generous help.

Delivery in the area of Carabaya

There were also 9 additional warm-up suits and 201 polar blankets delivered in the province of Carabaya in the month of July.

Additional note: In coordination with the donor, a decision was made for not to buy or deliver medicines, because to meet the quality standards, the medicines must be according to national requirements for medicines and the follow up must be made together with the health center at the moment of the delivery, something that because of the time was not possible.

Kusikuy Childre's Fund - South America ChangeSincerely yours,

David Ochoa

South America Change Inc

[1] The areas in the city of Puno are: Cusipata, Ricardo Palma,Totorani, Laraqueri,Lago,Pronoei Simon Bolivar, Union, Prefectura, Salcedo and Laykakota (market)

The Financial Report can be seen at :